Content Policy
What is the content policy?

Since a community is completely dependent on its community and content posted by the users we find it very important to keep the average level of quality for each submission high. A content policy is our attempt to maintain that quality.

Isn’t this censorship?

We don’t forbid any particular types of content, we just request all posts be formatted correctly with strong supporting information and reputable sources. When categories are released we intend on allowing formerly forbidden posts to be allowed based on the community owner’s rules.

Essentially nothing will be removed because it is at odds with ideas of the admins and mods; content will only be removed if it lacks reliable sources or it does not offer enough subsistence. (A large post with multiple ideas and sources will be accepted, a funny meme with little to no additional content will not be accepted)

Why do you have this policy?

This policy is our goal of maintaining high quality content that is both interesting and accurate. For a community to grow and stay interesting it needs content worth staying for which is what we are striving to achieve. We believe that while is more difficult to maintain such a community the output will be high enough to warrant it. If you are interested in clickbait titles we reccommend

  • All posts & comments must have proper grammar and English (A few accidental mistakes are fine, but your post should be easily readable and not ignore basic grammar rules)
  • Any claim that is outside normal common knowledge must include sources to support it.
  • Memes/Jokes/Puns are forbidden as they don’t contribute anything more than a quick laugh.
  • There is no specific requirement for the amount of text needed in each post & comment, but please make sure to post fully thought out ideas.
  • If you include an image it needs to either display information or be the subject of the post.
  • 1 Circle - Content which is uninteresting and does not properly follow the content policy.
  • 2 Circles - Content which follows the content policy, but doesn't offer very interesting content.
  • 3 Circles - Great interesting content which follows the content policy.
  • 4 Circles - A post which far exceeds normal expectations with amazing content.
  • 5 Circles - Reserved for only the very best and most important posts.